Detoxification Therapy

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The Principle of Therapy

Detox Fasting means not taking food for a period of time. When humans or animals are sick or suffering, they tend to lose their appetite and not willing to eat, this is because of defense response or   instinct of humans or animals' natural therapy. The body no longer willing to produce old wastes, burdens and other pathogenic acidic toxins. Fasting also would allow an overweight person to achieve weight-loss purpose.

Body systems can have chance to rest and regain energy while the wastes adhered to all the organs and tissues of the body can be decomposed and excreted. This is why people often do fasting to cure hemorrhoids, lumps, stones and other growths in the bodies. Generally people would has the idea of fasting means starving. In fact, after fasting, excessive body fat would be transformed into heat to supply for the usage of brain, heart, lung, endocrine, hepatic , hematopoietic organs of vital organs, and accumulated old wastes or toxins would be absorbed by blood and lymph which excreted by kidneys and skin.

Meanwhile, the body would obtain protein from swelling part, edema, secretion of fluid and other pathological growth which does not exist in the healthy body to provide nutrition to all the organs. This is called “Self-dissolution” which is why generally fasting known as “invisible surgery ”. In other words, if follow the right instruction during fasting, hunger and malnutrition should not happen. It likes before cutting off the water supply, nobody would attempt to clean the city water system and clear all blockage in the filter. When a person stops taking food, it  equals to a give an opportunities for self-cleansing. If detoxification continues, various organs in the body would continue to digest the accumulated excessive wastes and excreted it out. Finally this would achieve purification objective naturally.

One minute to know the toxins in your body

  1. Fatigue easily or lacking of energ
  2. Rough and dull facial skin, pimple
  3. Frequent feeling of stress in daily life
  4. Fat accumulate in waist and legs
  5. Back pain / shoulder pain
  6. Cold hands and feet , heatiness
  7. Consistent indigestion
  8. Frequent headache, dizziness
  9. Frequent constipation, diarrhea, bad smell and dark color stools
  10. Frequent colds , illness
  11. Bloated stomach
  12. Gain weight easily, too much fat, belly
  13. Consistent hair loss
  14. Bad breath and body odor
  15. Insomnia
  16. Often eating out
  17. Poor appetite
  18. Tend to grow acne

Each symptom above equal to five  points

  • If the cumulative score is over 30 points, it means you have a small amount of toxins accumulated.
  • If the cumulative score is over 50 points, it means you have serious toxins accumulated.
  • If the cumulative score is over 70 points , it means you have a lot of accumulation of toxins in the body which if not clear up immediately may cause illness.

Therapy Features

A real detoxification must included detoxification of soluble toxins ( blood, sweat, intestines ) and fat-soluble ( liver, gall bladder ) toxins. Soluble toxins are often the most easy accessible and essential to  detox monthly. Fat-soluble toxins easily to accumulate but not easy to access, it can be regarded as body half year spring cleaning.
The KQ naturopathic detox center promotes integration of various types of detoxification therapy specifically for blood, sweat and intestinal detoxification. It specially designed to be more lively,  comfortable and easier to implement.

Seven days detoxification in relax and easy way :

  • Day 1: Physical Examination + Blood Detoxification+ intestinal Massage + Diet Therapy
  • Day 2: Blood Detoxification + Diet Therapy
  • Day 3: Fasting Therapy + Diet Therapy
  • Day 4: Fasting Therapy + Diet Therapy
  • Day 5: Fasting Therapy + Diet Therapy
  • Day 6: Blood Detoxification + Diet Therapy + Sweating detoxification
  • Day 7: Physical examination + Explaining

During detoxification, the body would work on many repairing works and shown some reactions in the body which called healing crisis. The reactions are as below:
Phlegmatic : Client would experience a lot of phlegm after nursing and recuperation. Phlegmatic is a  symptoms of the body excluded toxins from the respiratory tract, lungs, and mucous membrane system which is one of the body detoxification phenomenon.

Coughing: Cough is the body's defense mechanism using reflection to exclude accumulated toxins in the human respiratory tract and the lungs which is one of the body detoxification.

Sweating :  Client would has the reaction of sweating or hyperhidrosis which is caused by the body's lymphatic system detoxification after nursing and recuperation. The eliminated toxins mainly is fat-soluble toxins.

Vomiting or diarrhea : Vomiting or diarrhea is usually the symptom of body discharging toxins accumulated in the gastrointestinal after nursing and recuperation . Some people only simply vomit or diarrhea.

Frequent urination : Frequent urination is caused by the body discharging water-soluble toxins after nursing and recuperation . Most of the toxins accumulated in periosteum, synovial membrane, cartilage and other parts of the body. So frequent urination may accompany with muscle, joint or bone pain.

Cramps : Cramping reaction would happen after nursing and recuperation which caused by body's nerve cells to regain sensibility in the process of adjustment.

Dizziness :Dizziness after nursing and recuperation is caused by decreasing of blood viscosity. When the blood vessel is unobstructed, the blood flow would be accelerated and the body cannot adapt immediately which would cause headache, dizziness and other uncomfortable symptoms.

Fatigue,and drowsiness: When the liver condition is improved, the client would feel drowsy, it is due to little fruits and vegetables intake in daily life.
Joint pain: Client would has joint pain symptoms after nursing and recuperation which caused by discharge of accumulated synovial membrane which is toxins in cartilage.

Therapy contraindications

People who not suitable to do detoxification:

  • Children ( below 12 years old )
  • Pregnant women
  • People who has no confidence toward detoxification


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