The Principle of Therapy

When the ambient temperature is slightly higher than the body temperature, the heat will begin to pass around the body by either way of conduction, convection or radiation.

When the tissues temperature rises, it will cause the blood vessels to dilate, and finally increase the blood flow in the treated area. In addition, to increase blood flow, Thermal Therapy can also accelerate the metabolism of the body, so that the nutrient can reach the injured/targeted area in a shorter time. By this, it can promote the injured tissues to be healed.

Therapy Features

This therapy is a treatment which mainly means for detoxification. It will accelerate metabolism, increase body temperature as well as helps for respiration.
We use the principle of negative ions and far infrared rays to contact with patient and allow spontaneous heating. In addition, we also have special made blanket which allow the patient to enjoy warm far-infrared throughout the treatment. With this special blanket, it helps the patient to improve their perspiration and at the same time also get valuable herbal tonic.
In 1978, The National Institute of Infections Disease (formerly known as Japan’s National Institute of Health Prevention) also carried out an experiment study that: the uterus was removed from the body and were given changes of temperature in between of 32’C-43’C. Compared to normal cells, cancer cells in the case of 39.6’C for 10days will be fully dead while the normal cells remain unaffected.

Based on this fact, modern medicine also carried out hyperthermia therapy for cancer.



The importance of body temperature

Our body will operate the best when the body temperature is in 36.6’C-37’C. if the bodily function is good, it means of a healthy body and the immunity system is also stronger. However, if the body temperature decrease to 36.4’C-35.5’C, then the body will begin to feel uncomfortable. Let’s take a look at the following body symptoms when the body is in different temperature.

  1. 36.5’C – Healthy, immunity system good
  2. 36.0’C – Body will shiver in order to provide some heat for body
  3. 35.5’C – if the situation continuous, it will result in reduced excretion function, autonomic nervous system disorder and caused allergy symptoms.
  4. 35.0’C – The temperature where the cell will proliferation.
  5. 34.0’C – The temperature which might caused of death. This is the temperature which will cause a downing people who get rescued get into critical or even bring to death.


Massage room

Six reasons the body temperature becomes lower ! !
From the conclusion, the causes of “ over low of body temperature =

① Lack of muscle in lower part of body
② Poor blood circulation caused by pressure
③ Side effects of air-conditioning
④ Wrong way of shower
⑤ Taking too much medication
⑥ Wrong diet which lower the body temperature


Therapy Contractions

Although there are a lot of benefits of hyperthermia treatment, not everyone is suitable for hyperthermia treatment. Cases which are not suitable for the treatment are as follows:

  1. The treatment spot cannot sense the changes of temperature - If you are unable to detect temperature changes, there may be overheating and cause burns.
  2. The treatment spot has vascular disease or defect - If you have vascular disease, poor circulation can cause bad tissue cooling capacity and may cause burns.
  3. Treatment spot has bleeding or bleeding tendency- Hyperthermia can lead to increase of blood flowing and increase bleeding.
  4. The treatment spot has malignant tumor - As hyperthermia treatment would increase activity of tumor and accelerate the metastasis of tumor cells and therefore in the application of the physical treatment would classified cancer patients as contraindications.


  • Relax and calm body tissues
  • Relieve
  • Reduce muscle spasms
  • Promote heal of tissues
  • Improve joint mobility


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