The Principle of Therapy

Spinal surgery is based on the theoretical foundation of Neuroanatomy and Bio mechanical. It also according to the distribution of the spine anatomical sites, use of principal of the lever of Bio mechanical, and use an appropriate technique, with ingenious, natural, easy and painless way to redress the spine promptly and relieve the spinal cord. Other than relief the pain, it also helps to let every spinal nerve conduct normally. All these effects are hardly achieved by general medical. Due to its unlikely with neither injections nor medication, thus there are no side effects. Due to the rapid effect, it was then gradually extended from USA to the global.


Therapy Features

This therapy is using a kind of sleight of hand and posture adjusts the spine, focusing on bones, muscles and nervous system. It can let the spine back seat to the most natural position and enhance bodily function to maximize the effectiveness.
We emphasize the premise that relax muscles at the first then only proceed with necessary therapy and it is non-related to medical. This happen because chiropractic is not treat muscle as a whole, therefore we emphasize relaxation and comfortableness, so that the patients are in both physical and mental relax. We use thermotherapy, traction, rubbing, fixed adjustment, position adjustment and overall adjustment of different techniques to adjust the human spine.
Trilogy in chiropractic
  1. Complete techniques to relax the muscles surrounding the spine ligaments.
  2. Activities related to joints and bones.
  3. Adjust the spine

In chiropractic, firstly is to adjust the muscle, second is to loose joints, and then adjust the spine. Finally use the frequency wave to activate the bilateral spinal nervous system.


 Massage technic


  • Age-related – According to different ages, there is different corrective effect. The younger the faster results, while the elder, the muscles near to the spine ligaments and other soft tissues will become more rigid, thus the correction effect is slower.
  • Time-related – The shorter the time of nerve compression, the shorter the time of correction. On the other hand, the longer the nerve compression happened; the nearby structure will form the calcification problem, and ended up the correction time will be longer too.
  • Work- related – For those whose work are more relaxing, the result will be more significant and fast, but if those whose works causes heavy spine burden then will slow down the results. Anyway, appropriate exercise can increase the therapeutic effect.
  • Posture Habits – The therapeutic effects always rely on posture, such as the posture of stand, sit and squat, posture while picking up heavy load objects from lower level. Person with bad posture will have slower effect compared to the person who has the good posture in their daily life.
  • Period of treatment can be shortening if necessary equipment is use throughout the treatment. For example, whom suffer from lumbar scoliosis, may assisted with waist protection belt, while if cervical spine is at problem, may use auxiliary health pillow at home. If the person who often facing aches on lumber, can rely on the seat back when they are seated in order to reduce the burden of the lumber spine.

Why Chiropractic Treatment does not require medicine, no injection and no surgery? Because Chiropractic has the following great benefits:

  1. Eliminate the pain
  2. Reduced stiffness
  3. Diminish muscle spasm
  4. Intervertebral disc lesion
  5. Adjust the minor intervertebral derangement—MID)
  6. Lower the stress on the nerve system
  7. All organs and systems in proper balance with eachother and in a state of harmony
  8. Lowering blood pressure
  9. Organs will gain the proper nutrition
  10. To furrish the nerve supply
  11. Restoring normal body chemistry


Therapy contraindications

  1. Phycology patient
  2. Inflectional disease
  3. Serious heart, kidney, and liver problem patient
  4. Osteoporosis
  5. Blood disease or cancer patient
  6. Pregnant lady
  7. Sick and elderly person
  8. Undergrowth issue


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