The Principle of Therapy

Dr Hahnemann thinks that 'the similar should be treated with similar'. Homeopathic is not the drug which determined by the name of the disease, but is according to the individual patients' symptoms to administer the type of homeopathic nonaggression medication.

**Homeopathy is the use of the body's reaction to increase the function of the body naturally. Use of thinning medication, gently stimulate the body and finally the body will instinctively react to overcome the disease.

For example, you are non-stop running nose/tears when you are cutting onions in the kitchen. This is due to the stimulation of onions. All these symptoms happen on healthy humans in a trial and was found that this symptoms was caused by the onions itself (homeopathic medicines). So, when you are facing the similar symptoms due to the common cold or allergies, the homeopathic doctor will then give you homeopathic drugs.

What disease can be curing by homeopathic?

  • Acute illness – Example: Influenza, sore throat, tonsillitis, otitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, cystitis, acute arthritis, backache, disc, acute diarrhea, gastroenteritis, dermatitis and etc.

* Most people has misconception that homeopathic takes a very long time in the treatment in order to get the results, but in fact it is not. For the above said acute illness, homeopathic can play its role in a very short time to relief the symptoms

  • Chronic disease – Example: Gynecological disease, skin disease, sinusitis, allergic, indigestion, insomnia, tonsillitis, bronchitis, sinusitis, cystitis, eczema, varicose veins, asthma, chronic joint pain, arthritis, migraine headache, heart disease, depression, anxiety, chronic neurological disease and etc.
* Homeopathic can promote the body's own defenses and immune system, and thus cure the chronic illness where else general western medicine could not completely eradicate these chronic illness. These illness are found caused by defect in body's immune system. Homeopathic medicines can helps a healthy body to produce the same symptoms of the illness and improve the body's defenses and immune system to fight against the illness through training.



The same laws/concepts – The same laws/concepts – Homeopathic medication is based on law of choosing similar medication. If one homeopathic medicine is taken by a healthy body, then the body would produce the similar symptoms a patient faced, which means the particular homeopathic medication can help the patient to recover from illness.
* For example, if you consume a cup of coffee in the midnight, then u would find that it can let you think clearer and make you more awake and off you from tiredness. This shown that coffee has produced its effect/reaction on a healthy body. If you are suffering from insomnia which was caused by the case of over think or over spirits in the midnight, then coffee (homeopathic medicine) would probably a good way to help you get yourself into a good night sleep.
Macroscopic diagnosis – homeopathic focus on each patient's illness, symptoms and overall changes of the body. It always pay attention on numbers of factors causes the illness/symptoms. Homeopathic mainly based on the inquiry, observation and clinical diagnosis.
* For example: Usually western doctor would prescribe antibiotics for the patient if he/she has a fever, cough, sputum or other symptoms of pneumonia. But in homeopathy, the above symptoms are not enough to make a homeopathic doctor to choose/decide the correct homeopathic medicine. Homeopathic needs further and detail description of the symptoms, such as in a warm room the cough would get worse or whether patient would feel thirsty when fever, those specific circumstances may cause the symptoms to exacerbate or ease the symptoms. All those information is very important in the chosing of homeopathic drugs.
Overall treatment is vary for individual – Different patient would has different reactions toward similar illness, and thus would produce different symptoms. Homeopathic used the drugs according to the individuals' illness/symptoms in order for the illness to be completely cured.

Therapy contraindications


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