Our Points of View

Notices for Customers


  1. KQ Naturopathic Center belongs to a company which provides natural therapies to clients. All the services provided are meant for auxiliary health effects, and does not claim to replace any modern medical treatmentts. Clients must understand, willing and clear about the treatments when receive all the services provided. Once one has any doubts on the recommended services or health advices, he/she must rejects and terminates all the services immediately.

  2. KQ Naturopathic Center plays the role of sharing the naturopathic health experience and knowledge, promote a healthy balance lifestyle. KQ Naturopathic Center makes full use of various resources of naturopathy, uses safe and effective method to speed up and improve the ability of body system to restore physical and mental health. In the process of tuning clients, KQ Naturopathic Center would makes full considerations of the relationship and effect of various tuning methods in the stage of development of the illness. KQ Naturopathic Center follows and makes use of human and natural healing rhythm and rhyme.We would not mislead the clients on any medical or health direction. KQ Naturopathic Center declares ourselves cannot fully control one’s health status, and also understand that throughout the whole process of tuning, it might brings any discomfort or/and unexpected risks. Therefore, all the clients have to be completely clear with this statement and take full responsibility for their own bodies.

  3. Power of natural governance: “Natural” plays a powerful role in our life. “Natural” plays the role of physical and psychological healing mechanism in our body to maintain and restore health. When these systems not function properly, our naturopathic physicians would intervene a strategy which synchronize the natural processes to restore and support the systems.

  4. Naturopathy is NOT harmful: Naturopathic physician always believe that non-invasive treatments are the most preferable. This type of treatment would minimum the harmful side effects.

  5. Find the root cause: We believe that every illness has its basic root cause. The root cause is often the personal lifestyle, daily diet and habits. Our naturopathic physicians trained to identify the problems and help the individual to find the best way to overcome the problems.

  6. Tuning is for the whole body: The healthy of a body usually rely on the mutual effect of psychological, emotional, spiritual, physical conditions, daily diet, genetic and environment.

  7. Preventive healthcare: Naturopathic approaches to healthcare in general to help people to reduce chances of getting ill, while also prevent minor illness getting chronic. Through naturopathic, one would be taught on how to live a healthy life as well as the way to reduce the risk of getting themselves into serious illnesses.

  8. Original meaning of Physician mean teacher. So physician plays a role like a teacher to educate client to resposible for their own health.

  9. KQ Naturopathic Center is NOT a medical institution, nor claims any services or products can replace conventional medical treatments of any illness. Any services or products supplied in KQ Naturopathic Center are purely meant for healthcare purpose. For whom concerned or would want to maintain one own health, KQ Naturopathic Center plays the role to provide knowledge for prevention and daily healthcare; while for whom is suffered from illness or in sub-health, KQ Naturopathic would play the role of healing and fine tune the balancing of the body systems.

  10. However, client has to completely understood that health and lifestyle are always closely related to each other. KQ Naturopathic Center can only suggests an appropriate regimen, but whether it would be implemented, the final decision is still lies in the individuals. No matter how advance the medical treatments are, it is still yet as effective as an individual who willing to take full responsibility for their own health. Always remember that the key of the health is within you.