Our Concepts

KQ Naturopathic Medicare Centre upholds and believes in:

Definition of Illness

  1. The ability of self-healing in body system.
  2. The response of body system when it does not has or only has minimum self-heal ability.

Self-Healing ability

  1. Individual has to understand that doctor can't heal you, but it is the body's ability to heal itself.
  2. Doctor leads a direction toward healing, after all it depends on self-healing ability

Human Body Is Holistic

  1. Seeing human body as holistic. The appearance of any symptoms shown that at least one of the body systems has problem.
  2. Different therapies meant for various illness occurred in different body systems.
  3. Each therapy is just a choice for the body systems to play their role for the ability of self-healing.
Tetralogy of Self-Healing
  1. DETOXIFICATION: Body detoxed through liver, gallbladder, intestinal, sweat, blood and etc.
  2. REPLENISHMENT: Recuperate each body systems with the nutrition needed.
  3. MAINTAINING: A way to stay healthy for body