Services & Therapies

Meridian Therapy

Holistic Concept – The Universe therapy believes that the body's various tissues and organs are in a single entity, whether in either physiological or pathological are interrelated and influenced each other. Therefore, this therapy never be viewed in isolation of a physiological or pathological phenomena (Eg: piecemeal aches) but more from a holistic perspective to treat illness and for prevention.

Differential Treatment – Activity patterns of human life and disease and so are associated closely with natural variations (such as climate, area, circadian twilight and etc). The human adaptation of different people to the natural environment is in varying degrees, its physical characteristic and occurrence regularity were also different....

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This therapy uses a sleight of hand and posture to adjust the spine, bones, muscles and nervous system. It relocates the spine to it its original position to enhance body for it maximum functions.

In the treatment, we emphasize on the relax of the muscles then only proceed with necessary therapy. Chiropractic treats muscle and spine as a whole. We emphasize relaxation and comfortableness, so that the clients are in both physical and mental relax. We use thermotherapy, traction, rubbing, fixed adjustment, position adjustment and overall adjustment of different techniques to adjust the human spine.

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The same laws/concepts – The same laws/concepts – Homeopathic medication is based on law of choosing similar medication. If one homeopathic medicine is taken by a healthy body, then the body would produce the similar symptoms a patient faced, which means the particular homeopathic medication can help the patient to recover from illness.

Macroscopic diagnosis – homeopathic focus on each patient's illness, symptoms and overall changes of the body. It always pay attention on numbers of factors causes the illness/symptoms. Homeopathic mainly based on the inquiry, observation and clinical diagnosis.

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This therapy is a treatment which mainly means for detoxification. It will accelerate metabolism, increase body temperature as well as helps for respiration.

We use the principle of negative ions and far infrared rays to contact with patient and allow spontaneous heating. In addition, we also have special made blanket which allow the patient to enjoy warm far-infrared throughout the treatment. With this special blanket, it helps the patient to improve their perspiration and at the same time also get valuable herbal tonic.

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Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

This therapy is a research and development purposely focus on lymph nodes and lymph vessels, especially unique in the removal of edema and enhances immunity.

We use targeted blend of essential oils and use its energy properties, coupled with good or poor drainage method, scraping method, rubbing method, knead by pushing and some other techniques so that the lymph nodes and lymphatic obstruction condition can be improve and disappear.

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A real detoxification must included detoxification of soluble toxins ( blood, sweat, intestines ) and fat-soluble ( liver, gall bladder ) toxins. Soluble toxins are often the most easy accessible and essential to  detox monthly. Fat-soluble toxins easily to accumulate but not easy to access, it can be regarded as body half year spring cleaning.
The KQ naturopathic detox center promotes integration of various types of detoxification therapy specifically for blood, sweat and intestinal detoxification. It specially designed to be more lively,  comfortable and easier to implement.

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 Chinese Physician

Traditional chinese medicine (TCM) originated from ancient China and has evolved over thousands of years. The basis of TCM is that “the theory of herbal medicine and practical clinical assessment” and investigate the transformation rule of health to disease from human vital activities, also its prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and care.

The underlying basis theory of TCM is Yin-Yang with Five Elements, and view the body, mind and spirit as one system.  During the treatment, TCM attempts to balance the Yin-Yang of the body, however the passive aspects is, when needed to take medication in order to retard the disease progression, the treatment still taking account into the vital and life quality. Besides, the ultimate goal of TCM not only treats the illness, but also helps people achieve further as “Inner Canon of Huang Di”.


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Singing Bowl Therapy

The Healing power of sound has been recognized thousand years ago and its probably the oldest and most natural forms of healing known to man.

The vibration of singing bowl can also help to release energy blockages throughout the body, mind and spirit by the calm and soothing frequencies. Not only that, the vibration is also strong and powerful enough to travel deep into the body and hence to penetrate even into the bones to achieve a though-rough harmonization. Each vibration is so fine that it can travel to places that you could never reach, to give a strong positive impact to the healing that would be very difficult to recreate otherwise.

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 face guasha

Naturopathic Facial Treatment

Human covered with a very thin (defenceless) skin which very sensitive to any material we applied on it. The absorbtion of any material applied into our body is 10 times more dangerous to our body system compare with if we eat it. It is because by eating through mouth, its need to go through our digestion system which contains a lot of filter system or immune syste before absorb or reach our blood stream, but if absorb through skin will direct flow into our blood, think yourself carefully, is it dangerous?


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