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Meridian therapy – The Universe Therapy (Yin & Yang / Heaven & Earth)


This therapy is the research based on the Chinese Medicine theory and practical experience, regarding activities of human life and transformation of health and disease, and its prevention, the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and health care. It is based on the foundation of five elements of YinYang. In this therapy, the human's body s treated as gas, shaped, and the unity of God. Throughout the whole therapy, the naturopathic will explore the etiology, disease resistance, disease location, analysis of pathogenesis and analyze the changes of human body organs, meridian joints, blood and body fluids, determine pathogen growth by using the method of inspection, listening and smelling examination, inquiry and palpation. By then, naturopathic will come out with the name of disease and summed the syndrome in order to dialectics theory of governance principles. After all, naturopathic will use acupuncture, massage, cupping and other treatments method to achieve the harmonies of Yin and Yang in the human body.

So far, Chinese medicine has been several thousand years of history and is originated by using the knowledge of traditional medicine in ancient Chinese Han ethnic. TCM theory comes from a summary of the medical experience and introduction to the five elements in ancient China thought. Its content includes doctrine of essence, five elements of Yin Yang, blood and body fluids, viscera, meridian, constitution, cause of disease, pathogenesis, incidence, therapeutic, health and etc. As early as two thousand years ago, TCM monograph ' Inner Cannon of Yellow Emperor' has established the foundation of Chinese medicine.


Meridian theory

Therapy Features

The Universe Therapy has the features of overall concept, diagnosis and treatments

Overall Concept – The Universe therapy believe that the human various tissues and organs were in a single entity, whether in either physiological or pathological are interrelated and influence each other. Therefore, this therapy never be viewed in isolation of a physiological or pathological phenomena (Eg: piecemeal aches) but more from a holistic perspective to treat disease treatment and do prevention.
Differential Treatment – Activity patterns of human life and disease and so are associated closely with natural variations (such as climate, area, circadian twilight and etc). The human adaptation of different people to the natural environment in varying degrees, its physical characteristic and occurrence regularity were also different. Therefore there is not uniform in the diagnosis/treatment.
We focused on the meridian system using reflexology massage, clockwise/counterclockwise meridian flap, rubbing points, magnetic cupping therapy, traditional cupping, electronic acupuncture and other unique methods which offerings the severity of the surgeon's force and precision to achieve thee effect of clear twelve meridians of the body.



The Universe Therapy is primarily to clear the body twelve meridians. Meridians in the body, contact organs and the limbs running blood pathway, lives, relies on the maintenance of blood and nutrition. Sparkle, radiant meant of the person's blood exuberant, balanced and smooth operation.

  • Internal and External communication, Network systemic - With the helps of proper function of meridian system, the body's internal organs, limbs, body/face features, tibia flesh and other tissues and organs, has been able to maintain the relative coordination and harmonization, complete its normal physiological activities.
  • Running blood, coordination of Yin and Yang - Blood is the material basis of human life and activities, body tissues and organs will only complete its physiological functions dependent on the temperature of the blood and moisten. Meridian is the body's blood running channel, it able to transport nutrients to the body tissues and organs, enable the organs and tissues get the nutrients, moisten the bones and stronger the joints.
  • Resists and reflect disease - Evils invade the body from outside to inside, starting with the fur. Vital energy enriched in collateral, skin. Collateral resist evils and helps to defend the body.
  • Conducted induction, adjust the actual situation - Meridians in the stimulation of acupuncture or moxibustion, can play a two-way adjustment, making it conducive to the body back towards the direction of transformation. Clinical and experimental studies have shown that meridian can play a multifaceted, multilink, multichannel role in the adjustment of various systems and organs of the body.

Therapy Contraindications

  • Serious High Blood Pressure, cancer, heart disease Patient
  • Serious skin problem patient
  • Drunker or Over exhausted person
  • Infectious disease
  • Pregnant Ladies


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