About us

Company Overview

KQ Naturopathic Center is established in 2012. Our objective is to create a new natural therapy choice through natural healing therapies. We works closely with PNA (Penang Naturopathic Association) to promote anew naturopathy concept to the community. KQ Naturopathic Center provides custom made treatments and knowledge to the clients for a balance and natural living.

Since 2009, our team has prepared, planned and integrated wide range of natural therapies and observe its effectiveness and responsiveness to ensure the chosen naturopathy is fully complied with the concept of natural and safety concept. We also ensures the naturopathy brings significant and effective results.


KQ Naturopathic Center hopes that more people would understand the principle of healing for the community well being and excellent quality of healthy living.

We do not advocate the uses of chemical drugs, expensive medical equipments or products throughout the therapeutic process. We encourage the individual completely understand the illness before going for the most effective and natural therapy. Our main objective is to let the body healed naturally and simultaneously enhance the body system to heal by itself.

Majority of the medical fields would distinguish the body organs through system. They would normally categorize our body into Cardiology, Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology, Neurology, and others. But in naturopathy, it see human body as Holistic.

Any part of the body has sickness would certainly affect the whole body systems from function properly. Thus, KQ does not treat the illness through organ system but treat the illness by different therapies. For example, if one has compressed spine and caused headaches or numbness, KQ would treat it through Chiropractic therapy; while if one is suffered from lymphatic blockage which caused low immunity and Edema, our therapist would treat it by Lymphatic Drainage therapy.

Every therapy plays different role to heal different systems of the body. Therefore, KQ Naturopathy Center studies carefully and provide professional advices to find the most appropriate and efficient therapy to the clients.

KQ Naturopathic Center hopes to create a new medical field in the near future.