Naturopathic Facial Treatment

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KQ Naturopathic Facial Treatment

 Human covered with a very thin (defenceless) skin which very sensitive to any material we applied on it. The absorbtion of any material applied into our body is 10 times more dangerous to our body system compare with if we eat it. It is because by eating through mouth, its need to go through our digestion system which contains a lot of filter system or immune syste before absorb or reach our blood stream, but if absorb through skin will direct flow into our blood, think yourself carefully, is it dangerous?

KQ Naturopathic medicare centre provide all kind or services including facial treatment by using naturopathic way to heal, protect, reconditioning your skin and face.

We will diagnoss your problems, through different naturopath practional example, aromatheray practional, chinese physiciant, homeopathic doctors, nutritionist etc...before providing any treatment.


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What make us so special ?



Cleanser               :  We used homemade organic cold-stirred soap as a cleaner. (we gift away the soap to customer)

Facial Scrub         :  We used natural plan and produce ownself example selected organic essential oil with  oat, rock salt...etc

Anti-inflammator  :  We used non-alcohol pure propolis or DIY homemade anti-inflammator with plants or herbs.

Facial Mask         :  We used DIY homemade mask (aloe vera etc) + selected organic essential oil 

Face Scrapping  :  We applied scrapping method on face as lympathic drainage massage with far infra-red tools.

Add On Step       :  We applied peptide mask (consumable) with nano spray  machine to provide more benefits to your face


We do provided training or teaching lesson for people to applied natural facial treatment at home.

We Care and Cure Naturally !!!

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