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Background of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional chinese medicine (TCM) originated from ancient China and has evolved over thousands of years. The basis of TCM is that “the theory of herbal medicine and practical clinical assessment” and investigate the transformation rule of health to disease from human vital activities, also its prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and care.

The underlying basis theory of TCM is Yin-Yang with Five Elements, and view the body, mind and spirit as one system.  During the treatment, TCM attempts to balance the Yin-Yang of the body, however the passive aspects is, when needed to take medication in order to retard the disease progression, the treatment still taking account into the vital and life quality. Besides, the ultimate goal of TCM not only treats the illness, but also helps people achieve further as “Inner Canon of Huang Di”.


1. Recognized human as one part of the nature, are composed by the basic component known as “Qi” and its movement called Yin-Yang. Yin-Yang are contradictory but also interdependent, both movements are balance.

2. Human and nature are integrated as whole. The vitality and cause of disease are always related with the changes of nature and environment, for instance seasons, geographical, day and night and etc.

3. Each and every structure in the human body is integrated as whole. The physiological and pathological are interrelated and can influenced each other. Hence, the diagnosis not merely depends on the clinical signs neither from neither physiological nor pathological, but emphasizes the holistic perspective to treat and prevent the disease.                 



  • Pathology is the science of the causes, effects and changes of the disease to make a diagnosis of disease.
  • In general, it include: rising and falling of vital Qi and pathogen, imbalance of Yin-yang, abnormal of Qi and blood, abnormal of metabolic body fluid.
  • Five endogenous pathogenic factors, include: wind stirring internally, intrinsic cold formation, endogenous dampness formation, impairment of body fluid causing dryness, endogenous fire-heat formation



Type of treatments:


There are various treatments include herbal medicine taken orally or external application, hot compress therapy, fumigation and washing treatments. Besides, others unique complementary treatments include acupuncture, cupping therapy, Tui-na, massage, Qi-gong, Bu-qi and etc. Herbal cuisine is also one of the treatments that aimed in our daily meal.


In general, a complete TCM prescription will include guidance in control of emotional, diet restriction (in terms of do’s and don’ts in diet), exercise suggestion (swimming, jogging, Qi-gong etc), usage of chinese herbal medicine, or acupuncture, Tui-na and etc. Hence, the harmony of body and mind are the point of view in overall comprehensive by TCM during the treatment of disease. 

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